I would like to share with you my admiration of the work that Kwali does and the magic space she creates during her classes. I have been practicing Kundalini for the last 4 years,though with little pauses. I have been always lucky with teachers, and Kwali is one of the greatest teachers I have been blessed to meet. I come to Kwali's class whenever I feel a bit “turbulent" or “weak”, or when I am getting ready for a big jump in my life. One thing I know: there is always space and love for me in her class (although the class is often completely booked!). When I say “space" - I mean a perfect energy and a peaceful undisturbed space where I feel welcome, guided and in the right place. I am grateful to Kwali for being my inspiration to grow, thrive and believe in myself. Kwali, thank you for your wisdom, love and wonderful work that you perform for us so gracefully and gently.

with love Polina

"Kwali ignited faith in a Technology that has not failed to deliver time & time again.
Her classes captivated & fostered something great that was lying dormant.
Kwalis classes inspired a freedom that was there for all to catch & developed a sense of authenticity that felt right.
She holds a supportive space & is a perfectly intuitive Director of the journey to the Soul.
Through her honesty, truth & stability I was inspired to embark on the Karam Kriya Teacher Training & the magic continues to unfold..."

Emma Down

"Kwali is an exceptionally talented yoga instructor and embodies everything that I believe yoga stands for. I have yet to experience anyone better at aligning the mind, body & spirit in this way. Every practice is unique and carefully thought out to work on and release a specific area. Kwali puts so much love into her teaching and creates the most wonderful atmosphere to practice in, putting everyone immediately at ease. I could not recommend Kwali more highly. She is truly special and gifted. "

Beatie Wolfe

" Kwali has really inspired me and has changed my life. She has been my Kundalini teacher for over 3 years. She is very dedicated, warm and compassionate. She is approachable and her guidance is accurate to the T she does not always give you the answers but inspires you to find your own from within. She seems to teach the kriyas that most of us need at any given time. I believe in synchronization and she has and continues to deliver this for me through yoga and meditation. She is a lovely soul with a lot of understanding and experience in her teachings. "

Usha Patel


"I found Kundalini with Kwali following a serious illness. Having worked in the fast paced corporate world for many years I was searching for the first time in my life to "feed my soul" and gain my inner strength. Kwali's classes have been truly life changing for me. She is an inspirational teacher who allows you to take your Kundalini journey at your own pace. I feel very lucky to have found her. "

Beverly Ryder

" Kwali is a powerful and encouraging teacher. Her classes are built on strength, health, mental development and a compassionate heart.  Iattend classes regularly because of the very deep inner work practices that have ground rods deep into the earth."

Milena Lacheva

 ‘Kwali Kumara is a yoga teacher who lives by the principles in which she shares and teaches.  Kwali has an abundance of positive and caring energy, she makes time to listen and speak with her students.  There is something about Kwali that just brings magic to her yoga classes and workshops. Kwali’s classes are dynamic, challenging but with an essence of gentleness, all rolled into one. The purpose of the class, kriya and postures are clearly explained and I personally feel energized, joyful and invigorated afterwards’.

Katy Poynter

"I would like to say a huge thank you for the life changing Kwali’s workshops/ classes that I had a blessing to attend. I absolutely love them and wouldn’t know what I would do without them. I experience an amazing sense of calm , serenity, complete feeling of rebirthand happiness after each workshop . Her classes gave me an amazing insight into my own self .They are really life changing and the benefits have been noticeable since day one . It’s a great way to experiencea haven of peace and serenity in the busiest city in the world .  It helped me to develop amazing self-control , determination , trust into my own abilities , confidence , finding a place of complete serenity and peace within myself .
Talking to Kwali is a pure and absolute pleasure. She is the mostinspiring , brightest and supportive person I have ever met .  Beautiful spiritual teaching . The minute I come into the class I immediately feel love surrounding me and the welcoming , supporting , beautiful spirit of our teacher Kwali . This was the first time I tried kundalini yoga and I didn’t feel out of places for a second . Everything is broughtnaturally out of you. These are not ordinary standard kundalini yoga classes. The practice is much stronger, powerful, challenging and extremely effective . These classes completely exceeded my expectations . Kwali doesn’t try to push anything on you, religion-wise ; rather she allows you an opportunity to truly be yourself and to feel centred again – a truly beautiful place to be ."

Katya Kovalova

"Kwali is one of the best Kundalini yoga teachers I know. She is hugely knowledgeable about Kundalini yoga and teaches it in the most amazing way. Her classes are challenging not only on a physical but also on an emotional level. I have learned a lot about myself by going to her classes.  If you want to learn more about this amazing technique Kwali’s classes are a must. You will not regret any second you spend in her class."

Silvia Hill


" Satnam, I met Kwali 3 years ago in Alchemy, she was the most welcoming beautiful woman i had ever encountered. Straight away i felt the love dedication and joy in her heart that she inspired me to go to her classes. After a few classes an opportunity rose to learn the teachings of Kundalini yoga for myself. Kwali inspired me to go for it and learn the teachings.  I still look up to Kwali as an inspirational teacher and hope to one day be as good as her. I hold much gratitude to this wonderful woman who's individuality and love shines through every class you attend. Thank you so much for you love dedication and inspiration. God bless, Wahe Guru."

Gina Petinou


" Kwali’s class is a truly magical and uplifting experience!   
Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, Kwali’s teaching offers an opportunity to develop physically, energetically and spiritually .  
Kwali is very knowledgeable and provides thorough, step-by-step instruction, offering a variety of adaptations to suit all levels!
Kwali’s warm, encouraging teaching style inspires you to stretch yourself just that little bit further leaving you invigorated and energised. Her classes get busy and so you are bound to benefit from the incredible group energy!  Her classes are challenging but never overly-serious and the whole room has great fun!
Filled with an array of physical exercises, breath work, mediation, music and a soothing gong bath, come prepared to let go and have a wonderful experience!   You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and oftentimes slightly euphoric!   "

Jane Ellis


I have been doing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes with Kwali for the past 4 years and every time you step into the room where she will be teaching the atmosphere and energy is just amazing and I will not wonder why I keep returning to her as a devoted student!
Her teaching style is so unique, her passion for sharing what she loves most is so wide and her sessions are completely uplifting for your mind, body and soul.
I highly recommend her to any one who wants to learn the essence of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and to all those people who want to expand their practice or just share a sacred space within her special presence.
Much love."

Matt Cruciani

"Sometimes in the life journey you meet people with extraordinary integrity and passion for helping others discover new things.
Kwali is one of these special people with a genuine heart and a natural charisma who instantly captivates you in the wonderful world of Kundalini yoga.
In a serendipitous momentat a gym class six years ago; Kwali has given me the opportunity through her yoga teaching to discover a valuable tool for life.  A tool that helps me constantly build a more balanced existence, avoid the stress of modern life and seek calmness and mindfulness in my life.  
A great journey, an amazing teacher…"

George Shoterioo


"Kwali Kumara is the most magical goddess going, and I am proud and honour to call her my Guru! She has been there for me and given me so much guidance, knowledge and motivation throughout my recovery from drug addiction. Her classes are an intense and perfect harmony, of physically challenging and deep meditation and mantra. And of course, her totally ethereal otherworldly gong relaxation ! I have never encountered such a magical and intensely cosmic gong, such as hers! The sacred sonic atmosphere that she sets with each class is so unique and special! She had great wisdom about Kundalini, the chakras, body systems, etc, and her kriyas are always taught with knowledge, expertise and empowering encouragement - but through the most soothing voice. She is such a beautiful and compassionate person with the warmest energy and the most electric presence. Sat Nam. WAHE GURU !"

Kirsty Mckenzie  

I have been a regular student of
Kwali Kumara for nearly 8 years.
Her style of teaching is compassionate, empowering and motivating with a great mix of challenge and support.  She is a dedicated and encouraging teacher and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which I have enjoyed learning.  I always come out of her classes knowing it was exactly what I needed.   She inspired me to become a Kundalini yoga teacher and instilled the importance of having a dedicated daily practice of yoga and meditation, which I now share with my students.
Any student - beginner, intermediate or advanced - would be inspired to have her as their teacher.
Manju Vekaria

"I’ll never forget my first class with Kwali, it completely transformed the way I viewed yoga, and helped me get in touch and go deeper into myself in a way other teachers hadn’t. I feel like it opened my eyes to a whole new world of experience and enquiry. Her passion and love for the practice and the joy which she brings to yoga has kept me coming back year after year. Kundalini is an accelerated growth practice, and I’ve always found that the benefits of Kwali’s classes are that what we experience and witness in class becomes directly applicable and useful in daily life.
She has a deep sensitivity to each individual in class, and many of the most wonderful moments and experiences I’ve had in yoga are as a result of her brilliant ability to know exactly where i’m at and what I need to progress. She has absolutely helped positively change the way I view the world and myself, and deepen my experience of yoga. She has been instrumental in both my physical practice and my long term spiritual development. Kwali’s classes are as cosmic and magical as she is herself, and I count myself truly blessed to have her in my life."

James Fitzgerald


" I have been a student along with Kwali and noticed that then she was very eager to learn and wanted to know everything.  I knew then she was going to be a teacher.
She went on to become a teacher and when I went to her class I have to say that she was fantastic. She explained everything and was able to get a group of students focused and involved. I have to say that every class that Kwali has taken has been full of informative information and we know why and how the Kriya will benefit us. Kwali will also make time to listen and offer Kriya'sto help with a personal issue.
If you go to one class which is taught by Kwali you will never be disappointed, and I can guarantee you will come back for every class.
I am very proud and honoured to know Kwali first as a friend as second as a brilliant teacher.

Kay Gilmor

"After I have been diagnosed with cancer at the age of 26, I started to practicing yoga. Now, for the past 3 years, I mainly practices one-to-one session, privately. I wanted to learn how to do asanas and pranayamas correctly and what exact benefits they do to our physical, conscience and energy bodies. I wanted to attain my piece of mind and inner equilibrium. Mainly I practiced vinyasa and Nadi yoga. I have heard that Kundalini yoga is one of the most difficult ones and that advanced level only can practice it. I was wrong!
When I came to Kwali's Kundalini class first time, first of all, I was smitten by her super-positive energy and light. She is a very strong spirit that welcomes absolutely everyone. Kwali is an AMAZING teacher and more, she is a ray of LIGHT.
Kwali's kundalini yoga class welcomes all levels of yoga practitioners, from a complete beginner to an advanced yogi. Her class is always packed! Yes, kundalini yoga is not an easy yoga to do but even for some difficult and challenging asanas Kwali will always show an easier version to perform. I always feel secure and know that I can do the best that my body can do on that particular day without being afraid to damage myself.
 Kwali’s kundalini classes are never the same! Every time we work on different chakras, energy bodies, every time there are new asanas, new kriyas and meditations that will challenge your mind. It makes the class even more interesting and enjoyable. Kwali always explains the benefits of the particular asana or pranayama and how it affects our physical and energy bodies. She always translates and explains the meanings of mantras. She is always happy to share her sacred knowledge with us
The mantras we sing are beautiful and magical. Some of them even made me cry a few times. What a power of purification!!! And the end there is a very powerful gong meditation, my favourite, the powerful waves of sound cleans the aura, every cell of the body from negativity. After, I feel myself full of energy, rejuvenated. I have noticed that I have become calm towards all the stress we all have outside in our lives. I learn to focus on my conscience, my thoughts and receive the obstacles peacefully.
I am very delightful to attend every class of Kwali. I receive so much energy and enthusiasm to continue to work more on myself. I am in a very good health now and very happyDearest Kwali, thank you for your light - enveloping hugs! I am grateful to the universe that there are such a wonderful spiritual teachers like Kwali, who bear and shine Light, Knowledge and Healing! SAT NAM!

Natalie Maksimenkova