"My dedication is to the liberationof all beings, my focus is to help people to face their fears in a calm and sacred way, I hold a safe space for those who have never before had the chance to exchange serpentine energies with the living embodiment of the kundalini life force.
I exist to assist and facilitate these beautiful magical creatures to bring their healing energy and ancient wisdom to the world safely supported by the Raj Technology of Kundalini Yoga."
                                   Kwali Kumara
These Unique and powerful workshops invite you to explore the incredible journey of these mystical creatures throughout history in order to free the deeply ingrained stress and phobias associated with them.

This is Truly a Transformative experience as fear evolves into love banishing negativity and up-rooting animosity. The ceremony is designed with sensitivity to therapeutically release fears and deepen ones connection to spirit and the natural world.

All Serpents are cared for and have been rescued by their guardian Kwali who currently has up to twenty snakes in her sanctuary.
Kwali is the only kundalini yoga teacher to work with snakes and has been rescuing them for nearly two decades. She holds a full license and insurance to do so in public.
All serpents are tamed personal pets and meet the animal licensing standards.
Students are covered by her Public Liability insurance should anything unusual happen. {This is for your peace of mind and required by law.]

If you have a very extreme phobia and would prefer a private Serpent Healing session then please contact Kwali by email to arrange this.

Serpent Healing and Gong - Private

£200 for 60 mins

£285 for 90 mins

£350 for 120 mins

Serpent Healing - Skype Consultation

£100 for 60 mins

£145 for 90 mins

£175 for 120 mins

please email me for more details and booking



Interview with Kwali Kumara
by Hindustan News- New Delhi
Where were you Born?   Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in a Small village close to Heathrow; I have studied, lived and worked my whole life in London.
I graduated age 21 in 1996 with a BA Honors Degree in English and Drama from St Mary’s University in Twickenham.
I worked as a Performance Artist until 2005 when I took training to become a yoga teacher with Shiv Charan Singh at his Karam Kriya school of Kundalini Yoga in Archway London.
Since getting certified I have been teaching regularly all over London to a wide variety of students.
When did you develop interest in healing and how?
I have always had a healthy thirst for all holistic therapies and natural ways to heal the body. I was 23 years old when I found kundalini yoga and began a daily practice.
It presented itself to me at a time when I was seeking a reliable ancient formula for healing body, mind and soul in a natural way.
I was given my first snake around this time so significantly they both entered my life when I was seeking help.
The teachings gave me the tools for transformation and self-exulted experience; I found them easy to apply to my life and with very positive results.
I realized I could heal myself with this ancient technology and therefore help others to do the same!
Snakes have been respected friends and teachers to me on my journey of self-discovery, being in their Divine presence has taught me so much that it has inspired me to share my experience with others.
I named my very first snake‘Kundalini’ and when she passed away I decided to dedicate my life to her spirit and honor her existence by training to become a kundalini yoga teacher.
I continue to deepen and expand my knowledge of this broad and fascinating subject with my mentor and teacher Shiv Charan Singh.
I have recently completing my Level two Training programme with him and feel very grateful that he has made it possible for me to introduce my serpents into the kundalini yoga meditation environment by giving his blessing.
It is a privilege to help people to overcome their fears and facilitate them re-connecting with their own natural serpentine life force energy.
How did you become a serpent healer?
It became me!  I was given my first serpent by someone who could no longer care for it and the same thing has happened with all Twenty serpents that I am now guardian for in my little sanctuary.
Many people in the west keep snakes as pets and for various reasons they change their mind about caring for them.
Due to the snakes not being in their natural environment they have to find a new home with a dedicated guardian, as they cannot survive the cold English climate alone.
Unfortunately there are not many Reptile sanctuaries in Britain and there are lots of unwanted pet snakes.
This is how my collection has become so large as I cannot resist a snake in need of a stable home.
All the serpents in my sanctuary have been rescued from inappropriate environments and have all needed healing of some kind to start a new and better life.
I love to help snakes back to good health and feel they have much to share with us about Healing, Transformation and Ancient Wisdom.
How does it feel to be a serpent healer?
I feel very blessed to be one of their ambassadors, I feel the serpents are on their own mission to rid humanity of serpent fear and that I am facilitating them on this journey.
I am very honored to be in service to such divine creatures that are still misunderstood by so many people.
It’s my passion to provide people with a calm and sacred space to release whatever is blocking their spiritual path with the help of the snakes and their natural ability to Transmute negative or stagnant energy.
The serpent sessions are designed to transform fears to love. It is a beautiful moment to witness a person’s heart melt and fall in love with that which only moments earlier gripped them with Terror.
feel very strongly about preventing the live import of snakes as exotic pets and I always educate and encourage my students about the correct care and the importance of rescuing snakes should they feel inspired after a workshop to keep one as a pet.
How do you help people overcome their fear of serpents?
Snakes are natural Transmuters of energy; they are the masters of Transformation able to shed their skin effortlessly when outgrown.
We have a lot to learn from there calm and patient ways, Serpents are the master yogi’s able to meditate for days sometimes weeks uninterrupted and utterly content and at peace.
In a Typical class we would set an intention of what fears we would like to release. We then go through a rigorous physical exercise kriya followed by a meditation specific to the chakra we are working on and then a meeting with the snakes.
The students have focused themselves on releasing their anxieties through physical exertion and then deep relaxation.
By the time the serpents join the circle the students have worked through their blockages and are naturally more able to relax with the serpents who in my opinion are a living avatar of the teachings.
Those still shy are not under pressure to interact with them until they feel completely comfortable.
By observing their calm nature with the other students its not long before they gain the courage to meditate with one.
Could you please help explain how does serpent healing take place?
Serpent Healing Ceremonies take place in an intimate circle of no more than twenty people at one time.
The amount of snakes that work with us in a session depends on the amount of people attending and the natural bodily cycles of the snakes.
The serpents take it in turns to come to the workshops so they all get adequate rest-time to shed their skin and digest their food.
This is closely monitored by myself to ensure the snakes are only handled in the periods that they are happy to socialise and left comfortably alone at home when they need to relax.
I have a license and insurance to work with my reptiles in public and these standards are in place to ensure there is no cruelty to the animals involved and that people are covered by insurance in the case of any unlikely event.
The students are coming predominantly to release their fears but they are also learning to generate and harness their own healing energy so they can work on themselves and offer some positive energy back to the snakes.
It is a mutual exchange of love as the students realize how important it is to understand the connection we have to these divine creatures and the need to elevate them from the negativity surrounding them here in the west where they are still associated with the darkness.
In the sessions we raise our vibration with the snakes and send out positivity to the whole planet for the healing and Liberation of all living beings.
What roles do snakes play in healing a person?
The Snake is a physical Avatar of the teachings a storehouse of ancient wisdom that is accessed through transmission.They inspire the students to a new understanding and a new way of life. Their presence helps the students to connect with the energy of Transformation in an intimate encounter.
We explore the many different serpent cultures all over the world and throughout history. Looking at both the positive and negative views surrounding serpents to gain valuable insights about our ancient reptilian ancestors.
The presence of the snakes in the meditative environment enhances and enriches the experience offering a deep renewal of love and respect for oneself, the earth and the teachings.
The students harmonize with the snakes as a living sacred symbol of the universe and commune with them energetically in a healing exchange.
How does one feel after a serpent healing session?
Students feel relaxed and liberated having re-balanced their chakras through the physical practice of the exercise kriyas designed to heal different parts of the psyche and body on a cellular level.
According to the students they feel fantastic and invigorated, they tell me they feel victorious having faced their fears and worked through personal energy blocks.  
Most students will return to enrich their experience with the snakes for the series of workshops; the eight-moonchakra activation course is designed to create a strong foundation for the student to continue with a personal practice.
It also gives the student all the information needed regarding the physical and spiritual care of snakes in captivity should the students be inspired to want to rescue their own.
How long does a session last?
Most of The group sessions are a minimum of four hours long with the last third of that time actually spent interacting with the snakes.
I also work with individuals on a one to one basis if they have extreme phobias or would prefer not to face their fear in a group situation.
I am currently devising longer workshops to explore even deeper the abundant teachings of kundalini yoga and the Interdimensional masters known as the ‘Serpents of Wisdom’.
What are the charges of a serpent healing session?
Kumara serpent healing in London costs each student around £75 for a a group healing workshop and from £200 for a one to one individual session.
All the proceeds go into the sanctuary for the care of the snakes so they can have the best life possible whilst carrying out their important work.
What is the age group of people coming for a serpent healing session?
I have people coming from all ages, all faiths and all beliefs, total beginners or advanced yogis, all are welcome!
Obviously some students will feel more confident than others due to experience, but the yoga is so accessible that anyone can try it at any level. The students try their best and the power of the universe does the rest.
Do you have any plans of extending your classes to India?
I would very much like to visit India again having done some of my training In Goa. However bringing the snakes is rather a challenge, as they don’t travel so well.
They are very sensitive creatures so flying them over is not the best option.
However there are many snakes already in India so it would be fantastic to meet and collaborate with a serpent sanctuary already in place in India if there is such a thing.
It would be a joy to work with other snake lovers and serpents in their natural habitat as all the snakes I currently work with here in London have to be kept in captivity to stay alive.
“My lasting memory of this experience was the complete
Feeling of freedom and connectedness that I was able to achieve though theMovement of my body and connection with the serpents...Kumara Serpent healingBought about some fundamental shifts and realizations for me, it was absolutely
Amazing…thank you for helping me to remember who I am Kwali”
Anna Taylor  
“I was overwhelmed by the beauty, grace and awesome power of the snakes…. my fears, anxieties and inner doubts melting away under their Healing touch. I would recommend this pioneering work to anyone…It opened up so much wisdom about these misunderstood beings of light, and I have genuinely felt empowered ever since, tackling life with a new vigor and sense of my own Inner power. The combination of the kundalini yoga, and vibration of these higher Beings, worked together under kwali’s instruction in complete harmony.”
Prem Siri Kaur
‘What a great experience for anyone wanting to move forward on their spiritual path!  Kwali’s kundalini yoga class was interesting, effective and she supported the process very well, both at the time and afterwards, it was magic meeting her friendly healing snakes! They have so much more to exchange with people, more than I would ever have guessed, they are so loveable!”
Anne Henderson
“A good introduction to this style of yoga and by having the snakes present it gave a more whole approach to the healing work at many levels.
Healing we could give as well as receive.”

Richard Broadbank

Thank you so very much for such an incredible experience!! ......The beautiful women I was with loved it so much too so on behalf of them, a huge heartfelt thank you for giving us such a gift ! I have had my skin completely break out prior to this in rashes on my tummy, back and one arm, one leg - both opposite to each other. When I saw the snakes and their skins, I realised that's what I need to do - shed things that no longer serve me. I am hanging onto something that no longer works and my skin is telling me so.....Thank you thank you thank you for your beautiful workshop, your magical teachings and for your precious energy. I feel so privileged that I get to be with you and learn so much.All my love, hugs & blessings


Sabrina Santos interviews Kwali Kumara for The Power Within Us. Kwali Kumara is a Kundalini Yoga teacher that has permission from her Guru to work with the healing energy of Serpents. In this interview Kwali talks about her line of work, Kundalini Yoga, Serpent healing, how she overcame her fears and befriended her first snake.

Sabrina Santos interviews Kwali Kumara for The Power Within Us. Kwali Kumara is a Kundalini Yoga teacher that has permission from her Guru to work with the healing energy of Serpents. In this interview Kwali talks about her line of work, and how she utilizes the energetic abilities of snakes to facilitate healing workshops.