‘ It is the touch of the hand, a spoken word and the contact of the eyes which open the heart of the man, not the knowledge of all the libraries in the world ‘– by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa


Kwali Kumara Hari Bhajan Kaur has been sharing her wisdom of kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to an array of enthusiastic students since Graduating as a registered Teacher with KYTA in London 2007.

Here are some inspirations, suggestions and answers to frequently asked questions from Kwali that you might find interesting and helpful.



The Age of Aquarius is now in full swing and is accompanied by many challenges as with every age. Having moved out of the Piscean Age that was dominated by Machines and Hierarchies, we have shifted into the Age of Aquarius, symbolized through zodiac history as the rise of the divine feminine, a beautiful maiden spilling the sacred drink of life onto the land.

This water has been interpreted throughout time as Knowledge, the gushing flow of enlightenment from the hands of the goddess, pouring the infinite truth onto the land. Mother Earth being saturated with an ever growing, over flowing, over whelming amount of Information.

Humanity finally has access to all the answers to all questions ever asked at their fingertips via the worldwide web.

On the surface at first glance it seems very exciting and revolutionary but in reality this massive Information overload is destroying the balance of the mind and creating conditions of unimaginable disorientation as humanity is ‘scrambled and devoured by an invisible enemy’ struggling to keep up and keep stable within the turbulence of the fast evolving times.

Humans are experiencing the side effects in the form of personal breakdowns, mental rupture, social meltdowns, depression, escapism through substance abuse, disorientation and diffusion of identity due to the ever-increasing hyperactivity of the information storm.

Fortunately for us a remedy exists in order to facilitate this global conscious awakening in the form of the ancient legacy that is Kundalini Yoga.

As with everything in nature there is always an antidote available and luckily for us it has been revealed just in time.

In an age where total spiritual fitness is required in order to survive we have fortunately been blessed with the appropriate tools for transformation: Kundalini Yoga an all-encompassing solution and cure for the human spirit.

The practice of the physical Kriyas and Meditations imbues the body with healing, stamina, endurance, motivation, clarity, direction, values, freedom from addictions and mental and physical ailments.

It gives you the integrity to act appropriately on your beliefs and see the truth in every situation.

The Quantum Technology of Shabd Guru (sacred sound as teacher) is the most effective remedy to help regain lost balance, overcome obstacles, strengthen our virtues and steer our way through the darkness of the storm.

The holy trinity of Kriya, Mantra and Meditation are married together to produce an incredible level of physical, spiritual and mental fitness.

 A mastery over the mind and a harnessing of the ego to enable a filtering and processing of all the new intellectual information with intuition, emotion, insight and wisdom.

Through devotion discipline and cultivation of the neutral mind the student will be blessed with awareness, self-control and integrity. ,

The application of the ancient science of life that is Kundalini Yoga stands alone as a reliable holistic medicine, a valuable remedy for mind, body and spirit in this ever-increasing planetary evolution.


THE FIVE SUTRAS of the Aquarian age are the prescribed formula from Yogi Bhajan that will help all to  navigate their way through these challenging times.


1.             Understand through compassion; otherwise you might misunderstand the times.

2.            Recognize that the other person is you.

3.            When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.

4.            There is a way through every block.

5.             Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path.



Yoga means ‘union’ to merge with the divine, a blending of finite and infinite.

It is a complete and ancient human science that originated many thousands of years ago in India involving physical, mental and vocal disciplines.

It is a complete understanding of mankind’s essential nature through the merging of the three aspects of oneself; Body Mind and Spirit.

It is the oldest and most respected system of personal development in the world and has been proved over many years as being the only truly reliable way of achieving harmony and balance within.

 It is a freedom from separation and the illusion of death.

 Its overall purpose is to recover, recuperate, rejuvenate, relax and re-unite the individual with pure consciousness, eventually taking the practitioner to a state of Samadhi [enlightenment or realisation…Total self Liberation.]

All yoga has an entirely positive affect on the anatomy but it is Kundalini yoga that seems to lead the way with the minor miracles in healing and evolution.

There are too many benefits to mention but some of them include;

 A toned and strong anatomy, increased awareness, flexible body and mind, stress reduction, expanded lungs, improved bodily functions, ability to cope in a chaotic world, internal and external cleansing, good health and strong immune system, beauty, radiance, increased opportunity, a state of well being, strength of character and the overall healing of mind, body and soul. 





Kundalini yoga is the yoga of ‘Awareness’ it is quite literally the mother of all yoga’s. It is a technology of discovery that enables the individual to reach and fulfill their ultimate potential.

 Once guarded in the temples and taught only to royalty it is the Raj [king] of all yoga practices, it requires the student to experience the teachings and not just absorb the knowledge from books,

This is done with a series of intense physical kriyas, meditation and chanting.

The process of actually performing the great Kriyas [series of set exercises] is what enables the student to transform and heal with a speed not far from a miracle.

 One can benefits immediately from the act of ‘doing’ the kriyas and it is a process of healing that is now a medicine open to all.

Not confined to any type of person, kundalini is available and accessible to all, beginners or advanced, young or old, fit or fatigued, there is something for everyone in this ancient secret.

The kundalini technology is often referred to as a science.

 A unique ancient art that deals with the alteration and expansion of consciousness.

 It is said that the Hindu god Shiva was a master of kundalini yoga and that he transmitted the wisdom to his consort Parvati.

It came to pass in later years that those in positions of power coveted the teachings. No doubt to stay one step ahead in their Temples, Kingdoms and Monasteries.

In 1969 Yogi Bhajan bought it to the western world  and opened it up to the masses providing a well-needed remedy in this rapidly evolving ever increasing expansive world of information.



The Kundalini energy is that which sits dormant at the base of the spine ready to travel up the chakras activating and injecting life force into the eight spinning vortex’s of energy, awakening their dormant power and eventually taking the practitioner to a state of self realized enlightenment.

This powerful psychic energy has been referred to in history as the sleeping serpent at the base of the spine coiled three and a half times. Once awakened it is said the snake that will travel up the spinal column [in the psychic channel known as the Sushmuna] to its final destination at the crown of the head triggering a transcendent spiritual state of awakened awareness on route.

Yogi Bhajan called this sleeping serpent 'The Spiritual nerve’ seated in the muladhara, waiting to be activated and stimulated.

He taught that the practice of Kundalini yoga breaks through blockages and clears the path for the energy to rise up through the all-important central Sushmuna channel by rousing the prana through the interweaving of the Ida and Pingala.


 The serpent energy then has a smooth path to pierce through the chakras releasing all the positive attributes and talents of each one on route.

 This is cultivated through the consistent and dedicated practice of the Kriyas facilitated and processed with the mantras and meditation’s.




‘Kundalini yoga is the Master science of experience and awareness.

It is a transmission of consciousness from person to person.

It is a Raj yoga that awakens you inside.

That is the basic difference...’ Yogi Bhajan


Although all yoga will eventually take you to the desired state of self realization it requires time and disciplines that are not always appropriate for everyone especially in this dawning of a new age.

The Aquarian age requires humanity to be quickly brought up to speed.

One does not have twenty-two years to sit on a mountain patiently cultivating an enlightened state.

 One needs to get to the goal quickly safely and efficiently whilst still being able to operate and integrate in the physical realm. One needs to be able to practice yoga at any spare moment in any environment knowing that the techniques are tried, tested and devised for this global awakening.

A single year of Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the equivalent of eleven years of Hatha. There is a depth, completeness and timelessness to Kundalini yoga that cannot be compared to any other form. It proudly stands alone as a radical renegade that used to be reserved only for the kings and highest of holy men.

It was clearly hidden for a reason, obviously this powerful knowledge was held back until the masses were ready and it was an appropriate time for this ancient royal serpent wisdom to be revealed.

Fortunately for us we now have access to its brilliance and as a result it can be quite intimidating in its majesty.  Its short cut, straight to the goal individuality lies in the unique characteristics of its Leverage, Legacy and Lineage. 

It is now non-exclusive and accessible giving everyone the opportunity and chance to attain liberation in a chaotic world that is running out of time.

It is a transmission… a subtle transference of ‘serpent power’ existing in the astral and not the physical planes.

A reliable connection to the divine through an internal acknowledgement   of being just one petal in a very big and beautiful flower’ a recognition that the ‘sum is greater than its parts.’


Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Das are the great masters at the top of the chain, thanks to them we have access to this enlightening Yoga for it was Yogi Bhajan that broke the rules and bought Kundalini to the west. On a quest to share everything he knew creating  ‘teachers not students’.

 He has been the strongest catalyst of transformation in our time along with the grace of the great Guru Ram Das who was yogi Bhajan’s chosen Guide and who has been the most inspiring and epic mentor, sitting proudly on the Golden Throne as one of the ten almighty Gurus of Sikh Dharma.




“There is a very powerful psychic power under the navel point. It sits there like a cobra snake and when it wakes up, it travels through the six centers of the body and awakens them with its touch. When it touches the seventh the person knows all. When it intermingles with the aura, it delightfully enlightens the arc line and makes everything work out for the person.”  Yogi Bhajan


In this quote he is referring to the navel point this is a beautiful description of the raising of the Kundal [coil of the hair of the beloved].

It is the navel that hosts the marriage of prana and apana, the Alchemy occurs in the fire of the Manipura with the application of the Mulbandh lock.

 This is the opening of the Kundalini that ignites the soul energy of awareness.

The dormant energy resides in the Muladhara [base chakra]; it sits patiently waiting to be activated through Kriya, Mantra and Meditation.

 It longs to be awoken so that it may pass through the chakras piercing them and bursting each one open to allow the energies stored within to activate in the individual and enable them to reach full potential.

 It is the regular practice of kundalini yoga that encourages the activation of this dormant energy. It awakens the sleeping snake [The serpentine energy is a metaphor for knowledge] in a calm and controllable way.

This door to the divine can open by accident or as a result of drugs or a freak happening that shocks it into rising, however this is not the safe way and can be dangerous.

 It is also possible that some rare individuals will have been born with it fully opened or attain it very early in life through the blessings of the higher realms like the great masters and sages of our time that are here to be glowing beacons of light in a chaotic world.

This however is rare and most people wishing to become enlightened will have to work at cultivating and nudging this precious energy through the channels with the help of a regular devoted yogic practice and inspirational teacher, for some this may take a whole life time but for others it may happen quite quickly, it is a personal process and unique to each individuals soul.

Kundalini yoga is the safest most fast track technology to get you to your goal reliably and without danger of blowing your circuits or opening the glorious gate too fast.

The ascension of the kundalini energy up the spine to the crown relies on the efficiency of the ’Nadis’ they are the three main channels of which the currents of life force pass through.

The Ida [Left], Pingala [Right] and Sushmuna [central] are inside our subtle body. They are the three out of the seventy-two vital surs [zones] involved in the awakening process. These facilitate the prana on its journey acting as the holy trinity of nerves that are responsible for regulating and delivering the life force to the [Sahasrara] crown chakra.

 The Sushmuna is the golden path to heaven and it must vibrate in order to activate the other seventy two thousand channels that span out to the rest of the body. The Power of shabd Guru [Sacred Sound} is consciously located in this channel to stimulate and activate the rise of energy.

This beautiful dance of divinity is represented best in the symbol of the Caduceus; the staff representing our central nerve that is within the spinal column with the two serpents [nerve channels] that twine around the spinal chord.



Meditation is listening to God, Prayer is speaking to God.

Yogi Bhajan described meditation as putting a call through to heaven, God may not always be there to answer you but he has many secretaries who will mention that you phoned and what you were inquiring after, one day you will connect with the great consciousness and until that day keep trying.

Meditation is quite literally sitting still and listening to God. If you don’t go within you cannot go without. How can you ever hope to understand the world if you don’t first understand the universe inside of you?

             The mind is like a wild horse that must be broken and tamed. As a side effect of a challenging reality its reaction is to kick up a fuss, an ‘Emotional Commotion’ is its way of trying to get your attention and fuel its hungry desire for action.

What it really needs is to be still, calm and focused in a neutral state, open and receptive to be steered in the right direction. If you do not learn to grasp the reigns of your mind you will be lost in a wild gallop forever that scatters your energy and never truly achieves its full potential.

Meditating regularly is as necessary as taking the garbage out. You would not leave bags of smelly rubbish in your kitchen to rot. This is what happens in your mind if you don’t take the time to remove yesterday’s rubbish.

It is no good to meditate once in a while. It is a necessary daily ritual that must be done, just like the household chore of making sure the bins are ready when the dustman comes to pick them up.

Meditation is your sacred time with the divine.

Your love affair with the sublime. You owe it to yourself to check in on a regular basis. It is not about going out into the cosmos surfing. You must process your darkness and to do that you have to go in to the depths of your internal world. This is where meditation will take you if you get out of your own way and allow the process.


Listed below are some of the many rewards that you are blessed with as a result of meditation; cleansing, control, problem solving, intuition,divine attitudes, mental clarity, focus, righteous living, control, health, healing, presence, pure knowing, protection, prayer power, joyful living, higher awareness, a universal connection and becoming a force that impacts world peace.




A Mantra is a syllable word or phrase chanted in Sanskrit or Gurmuki the ancient holy languages. The sound of the word, rhythm and tone elevates or modifies consciousness. It has immediate and effective results and is an integral part of Kundalini yoga. It is referred to as the science of ‘Shabd Guru’ translated as ‘that which cuts through the Ego’ [Shabd] and ‘that which takes you from darkness into light’ [Guru].

Mantra removes the barriers created by the needs of the ego. It is not singing for it comes from the whole being not just the vocal chords. It is ‘Vibrating’ the words with a focus on the Sushmuna channel, if one can feel the chant in the spinal chord then the three major nadis will vibrate causing the seventy two major meridians to activate which then leads to the seventy two thousand surs vibrating, which then leads to a total readjustment and healing of the entire system.

The body becomes an instrument of the divine with the plucking of the meridian strings that releases great quantities of energy into the body. The sound begins in the frontal cavities in the head, then in the heart before finally vibrating throughout the whole body.

The science involved in mantra is called ‘Naad’ it is a ‘Quantum Technology’ that has a dramatic effect on the neuro-endocrines due to the movement of the tongue in the mouth, the use of holy words and the chemicals in the brain.

We can alter our consciousness and bring the body into harmony by working with the brains secretions that transport the healing messages around the anatomy.

The tongue is the male aspect and the lips the female counterpart and the two together dance in a form of celestial intercourse to realign the personality to its true self.

The flicking of the tongue on the upper palette coupled with its rotation stimulates the Hypothalamus that inspires the pituitary and pineal gland to secrete the nectar that brings about total transformation of character and psyche to a balanced serene state.

This explains why mantra is so important in the practise of kundalini yoga. It amplifies and accelerates the evolutionary process taking one to higher states of conciousness in short amounts of time. The benefits are received even if the student is not aware of the translation of the words. It is in sacred language and naturally positive and productive able to cut through any negativity in the psyche with its powerful optimistic vibration.



A mudra is a hand position that sends messages to the brain creating a particular vibration relating to the energies of the planets. The hand is like the keyboard that connects to the computer that is the brain delivering pulsing volts of insight to the anatomy and connecting us to the internal matrix. There are nine major seals in Kundalini yoga that are selected for use in Meditations and during the Kriyas: here are the most frequently used.. 



The most commonly used mudra in Kundalini, the perfect meditation companion to make one calm and receptive.

The ‘seal of knowledge’ is practiced either passively [touching the tips of the thumb and index finger] or actively [locking the thumb over the index finger] depending on the intensity required; the latter being the more potent position, used to enhance powerful pranayamas. Both versions of the seal harness the expansive energy of Jupiter stimulating wisdom, knowledge and the power to process information.



The ‘seal of patience’ connects the thumb pad and the middle finger combining the persona with the qualities of discernment, commitment and patience. It carries the energy of Saturn and is used to give courage and a conscious clarity.  This Mudra imbues the practitioner with a sense of responsibility, righteousness and dedication to duties.



By joining the tips of the little finger with the thumb ‘The seal of Mental Clarity’ is formed. Enhancing clear communication skills and psychic intuition. This Mudra links with the velocity of the planet Mercury invoking stamina and consciousness.

All the above-mentioned Mudras should be practiced with pressure but not so much as to turn the fingertips white.   




A Bhanda is an internal locking of specific muscles that builds up the positive effects of the yogi’s efforts. They serve to properly direct prana and apana and balance the physical body and mind. Once mastered all three locks applied together [Mahabandh] will place the body in a perfect state of healing, transforming all ailments and rejuvenating every cell, gland, nerve and chakra.



MULBANDH [Root lock]

This lock creates ‘Tapa ‘ an inner heat caused by the blending of prana and apana. This opens the entrance to the sushmuna, the central channel for the kundalini up the spine. This harnesses the sexual energy and transforms it into creativity and healing. As it is performed by squeezing the base muscles it keeps them all in excellent condition. Begin by contracting the anal sphincter muscles and then tightening the area around the sexual organs, finally pull the abdominal muscles and the navel point towards the spine to complete the lock.


UDDIYANNA BANDH [Diaphragm Lock]

Meaning ‘To fly up’ this lock crosses the barrier of the mid-body. It allows circulation of pranic energy into the Sushmuna [central channel]. It enhances and preserves the fire of the solar plexus [Manipura]; Strengthening and conditioning the heart the energy bursts open the Anahatas vibrations of kindness, compassion, patience and love. The intestines receive a deep massage, clearing toxins and regenerating the cells to slow the ageing process.

This Lock is applied when sitting or standing if too difficult in lotus. Exhale completely before pulling the entire abdominal region and the area around the navel up and back towards the spine. The navel point must rise upward and the chest be proudly lifted avoiding any collapse. The lower thoracic must be pressed forward with the lumbar spine. With no strain and a mood of inner peace, hold the lock for up to a minute. Keeping the Jalandar held slowly release the abdominals and take an inhalation.



This Lock is ‘The upward pull which opens the neck to the brains watery nectars’ all the higher glands of the brain are stimulated, it balances the thyroid glands by creating nerve reflexes. Relaxing the heart and acting as a safety valve that regulates blood pressure and supervises meditation making it easier to focus and ensuring the Pranayama energy doesn’t flow to the wrong places. It is the most commonly used lock and is easy to apply. With the spine elongated lift the sternum and chest up whilst stretching the back of the neck straight whilst pulling the chin down and back rather like a soldier standing to attention. The head stays centered and the muscles in the neck and throat relaxed. It is applied in all chanting and most Pranayama exercises.



An Asana is a posture held for health and meditation. It means ‘no hope’ a complete surrender to the power that created you and a dedication to the merging of yourself with that Divinity. It is a position or pose designed to stimulate and exercise your organs, glands, nerves and muscles to give you insight into your body and increase your health, flexibility and physical awareness. It stimulates circulation, flushes and redirects prana to activate healing. It clears the path between meridian points, removes blockages and purifies the mind by releasing stored emotions. It is a self-diagnostic tool for the practitioner to observe their personal challenges and developments.


Some suggestions….


COBRA POSE [Bhujangasana]

With the hands flat underneath the shoulders push the arms against the floor to raise the body up opening and expanding the heart and lung area. With the arms kept straight and the chest up, drop the neck to open the thyroid and the parathyroid glands in the throat, ensure the head does not sink into the shoulders [common mistake] and that the forehead is pointing towards the sky with the gaze at the tip of the nose. Keep the feet together and stretch the spine without over arching. If the lower back is finding it too challenging then drop down onto the forearms. Be sure to correct the spine in Baby pose after the flex. The benefits of this posture are to balance the sexual energy, drawing Prana and Apana together for proper redistribution of the Kundalini.    


CAMEL POSE [Ustrasana]

In rock pose with the knees about a foot width apart rise up supporting the lower back with the hands if a beginner. When strong enough push the pelvis forward and lift up the hips dropping the head back and the hands down to clasp the feet for the advance posture. To protect the spine keep the knees grounded and the same width apart as the feet, exaggerating the pelvic bones pushing forward to deepen and improve the stretch, this asana cleans the toxins from the heart and lungs, improves flexibility and regulates weight. Be extremely cautious when coming out of the posture, lifting one hand at a time being very delicate with the spine and making sure it is given the antidote of Baby pose to recover.


BRIDGE POSE [Setuasana]

With your hands either side of your buttocks facing forwards with straight legs, push the body up into the bridge shape. Ensure the legs and hands are a foot width apart, holding the body straight and solid like a table with four even legs. Push the pelvis up and squeeze the buttocks to deepen the stretch. The neck is held up and locked unless specified that it be dropped down. In the early stages the wrists may be painful until strengthened with practice. Some might find it difficult to lift the torso or are troubled by back complaints. A good modification posture would be the pelvic lift until appropriate body strength is achieved. This is a rejuvenating Asana that strengthens the heart and back, it tightens the buttocks and keeps all the systems healthy


BOW POSE [Dhanurasana]

Lying on the stomach kick the legs up to be clasped with the hands. Pushing the feet against the back of the hands to create a pressure that deepens the stretch as the body lifts higher into the Asana. As the chest rises allow the head to follow. Deepen the stretch by flexing the thigh muscles and pulling the knees in closer to each other. Once mastered the body will begin to rock massaging the internal organs. This is an advanced aspect of the posture and will come only from an intense deepening of the stretch, not to be done unless totally ready. Ensure not too compress the lower back by squeezing the Mulbandh first and then stretching up. If a beginner then keep repeating the posture pulling on the ankles intensely and then releasing the pressure so that one builds the strength slowly to sustain the posture for longer periods.  Fantastic benefits all round particularly for the digestive and reproductive systems.


KUNDALINI LOTUS [Urdhvamukha Prasarita Padottanasana]

Begin the posture by grabbing your big toes with the two peace fingers and applying a little pressure to the big toe to activate the meridians. Tip the body weight back to balance on the buttocks and tailbone, lifting the feet up and straightening the legs out to the side when totally in control. Beginners practice the first stage and master the balance before stretching into the full lotus. Pull on the big toes to deepen the stretch and open up the stretch as much as possible. The fingers will hurt at first but continue with integrity to hold and strengthen them. Do not collapse the spine; rather bend the knees to make the stretch easier. Rolling back and losing balance is a natural mistake whilst developing the necessary skill. Push the heart up and out and breath deeply pulling on the Mulbhand for greater benefits. This Asanas is for balance, potency and channeling sexual energy.


Some tips and food for thought....




       It is of utmost importance to cherish the beautiful vehicle that you have been blessed to travel around in for your short stay on planet earth.

The spaceship that is your body is a gift from the creator of which you have total responsibility.

        Whilst in your care it is the only earthy possession you truly own and even then it will be taken from you eventually to be returned back from whence it came.

       As it is on loan from your creator it is your duty to treat it as a precious gem that needs polishing on a daily basis.

       One must make ones life a victory in every step and breath one takes.

All your thoughts deeds and actions must be cultivated from the highest level of awareness.  Love, service and happiness being the stimulus for every endeavor.

        It is your duty and responsibility to keep yourself positive and healthy in body and mind. One would not risk flying into outer space in a ship that had not been tried and tested for peak performance.

       Regular checks and maintenance are needed and this is the same with the body.

        The correct fuel is high vibration raw foods, with no toxins or drugs to choke and slow the system down. A dirty engine will eventually lead to a malfunction and once in orbit it is very hard to fix.

Better to make sure the right fuel goes in from the start. .

       Adequate rest is needed to prevent a breakdown in the system but too much rest will result in rust so a balance is required.

       Taking your spaceship for a regular spin will ensure nothing ceases or locks up in the air. A good daily m.o.t of cleansing the frame [Asana] and internal workings [monkey glands] of the craft will ensure it stays in perfect working order.

       A Regular wash in cold water [Ishnaan] and vigorous waxing [massage] will give the outer shell the servicing that it needs to stay efficient, youthful and in good condition.

       As with all good spaceships there are certain attributes in the control room that make it fly with skill and quality The cockpit [mind] must be kept in prime condition with regular checkups and a solid cleaning routine [Meditation and Mantra].

       If one navigates and drives with care and attention avoiding crashes, respecting other crafts flight paths and servicing their ship on a regular basis one can expect good mileage and many wonderful years of use from ones vehicle.


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       I would like to outline for you how important it is to put the right fuel into you spaceship. You may have the finest body and practice your daily Kriyas with flexibility and fantastic stamina but without the right input of food your success will be short lived.

       In order to sustain your energy levels in the increasing chaos we need to feed ourselves plenty of fluids in the form of water and juices, fresh produce containing high levels of natural moisture are always the best choice to juice the system up.

       Eat only High vibration fresh organic healthy foods. You deserve the best that is on offer and you must not cut corners or assume poverty consciousness when deciding what to eat. Your health is more important than anything else!

       A yogic diet should consist of 70% Fresh Raw food and preferably vegetarian.

       It is by far the healthiest option to not consume death energy. Especially in the light of the concept ‘you are what you eat’! A small amount of dairy is deemed acceptable [although Veganism is definitely the most conscious choice] but if you must have dairy then goat’s produce is easier to digest than cows so you may want to go for this as an alternative.

       The Ayurvedic attitude to food is that it keeps the Tridoshas in balance this is the most effective internal medicine. Eating a good range of sun, ground and earth foods will ensure that the three Gunas [Sattvic, Rajastic, Tamasic] are given full respect and stabilized in the body.

        One must also keep a check on the amount of acid and alkaline present in the system to retain maximum health and mental balance, for instance too much acid will result in illness and vulnerability to ailments.

       Be careful not to overdo protein and make sure you get a good portion of the trinity roots [onions, garlic and ginger] as they will sustain, cleanse and generate energy in the body. They are the magical master ingredients for any Yogi wishing to stay vital and healthy in these challenging times.

        Avoid toxins of all kinds and never consume salt, white sugar, caffeine, alcohol, white bread, nicotine or chemical drugs as these are the worst contenders for deteriorating your beautiful body.

       Eat light and you will become light. Never over eat or eat for the sake of it, always remembering to chew your food properly.

       ‘Eat only to live and not live to eat’ filling yourself to the maximum is very detrimental to your health. The western worlds are huge over eaters and it is worse for you to eat too much as opposed to too little.

       Never eat late at night and leave a good four hours digestion time before lying down to rest. Do not rush your food and always sit down in a respectful, conscious, calm way, bless your meal by verbally raising its vibration and give thanks before consuming it.

        Try to fast once a week for a day to give the digestive system the chance to relax and clean up any unfinished business. Plan to do an intensive juice fast at least once a year or when you feel sluggish and need a boost.

       Be generous with your food, always share what you have as you never know when you might need someone to feed you.

Offering food to another is bonding and rewarding as eating alone is never as fun as sharing a beautiful meal with someone who really appreciates it.

       There are so many hungry people in the world, if it means going without one meal to feed a starving mouth then do it. The good Karma generated from this act will feed your soul far more than any food will feed your belly.

       Never forget how important water is !!!!!

       Drink at least 2 litres a day to flush your system especially when practicing regular kundalini yoga.

       Remember half the time we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty! If you drink enough water it will naturally regulate your weight as you will feel and satisfied and therefore eat less food.