New Year Energy + Opportunity

@Tri Yoga Camden 3.30pm-5.30pm
01st January 2016
[Investment £25]

 January is the month of organised and dedicated Capricorn. It is said that New Year's Day can act as a microcosm of the year ahead so let's start the year as we mean to go on with kundalini yoga, chanting and meditation. Join us in sacred space to focus your intentions and set yourself up for the most productive solar spin yet! Together we will give thanks for all the blessings we currently have and make ourselves open and receptive to all the positive energy and opportunity the universe has in store for us in 2016 ! Get yourself in the right mood and frame of mind to manifest your dreams. Make yourself fully available to embrace your soul purpose and follow the path of your heart. The workshop will culminate in a triple gong bath to crystallise the experience into every cell of your beautiful being.
Everyone welcome.

Please book online or in person with Tri yoga as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Winter Solstice Kundalini Meditation & Gong Relaxation

@ Evolve Wellness Centre
Thursday 17th December 2015      7.00 -9.00pm
[Investment £20]

The winter solstice is mystical time of introspection and reflection. It is the darkest day of the year which occurs just before the return of the light. A sacred time to withdraw and honour ourselves with quiet time, a chance to turn inwards and look deep inside to see what needs to be released to make space for creativity and new inspiration to flow. The essence of this workshop will be purification and processing, clearing the path and unloading the unconscious burden in order to become more receptive to the infinite. Escape the hustle and bustle of the festivities for a few hours, take some time out for your own spirit, create space in your mind, peace in your soul and love in your heart so you may truly give your ‘presence’ to your special ones this Yuletide

Join Kwali Kumara on this magical journey of Kundalini yoga, deep meditation and gong relaxation.

All welcome

To book call evolve on 020 7581 4090

Exalted Celestial communication + New moon celebration

@ Tri Yoga Camden 7.45pm-9.45pm
December 11th 2015
[Investment £25]


December is ruled by saggitarius The optimistic adventurer, philosopher and spiritual warrior! We will celebrate the new moon in this sign by embracing the magic of 'Celestial Communication' (moving meditation) Yogi Bhajan called it the “greatest wonder food for body healing, bringing mental intelligence, creativity, uplifting the soul and inflow of the spirit.” He predicted that the human mind would need a new kind of nourishment in the 21st century and introduced the concept into Kundalini yoga "There is no power greater than the power of the Word, and when the Word is performed through the body, the entire being is purified and relaxed." (YB) This session will combine both celestial communication and Shakti dance to give an ecstatic physical and spiritual workout with mantra and music from Kwali's debut album 'Exalted'. The workshop will Culminate in a triple gong bath to integrate the energies and bathe you in bliss.

All welcome

Please book online or in person with Tri yoga as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Serpent Healing Ceremony

Saturday 21st November
12pm - 4pm £50
@ 47/49 Tanner street,
London Bridge

Face your deepest fears with courage and grace ! Do you or anyone you know have a phobia of snakes ? Or maybe the you have a different kind of irrational anxiety that you would like to release. You are invited to join us for the next serpent healing chakra activation course. Together we will work through the chakras with a focus on transforming fear to love, liberating the negativity that surrounds these beautiful mystical creatures and replacing it with compassion and understanding.
We start our journey at the Muladhara the home of the sleeping snake. Together we will wake up our own serpent energy with kundalini yoga to prepare for sacred time with the serpents of wisdom where you will have the chance to meditate with snakes. The journey will culminate in a Venus and Kiron double gong bath and some relaxing time in sacred Sangat where questions can be answered and experiences can be shared over tea and cake.
Please be sure to confirm your place in advance as the group is kept to a very intimate size due to the delicate nature of the work.
Please be sure to inform Kwali in advance if you have a serpent phobia so she can be fully prepared to help you release this anxiety in a calm and sacred way.
All Kwali's snakes are rescued and cared for in her sanctuary of twenty snakes. She has a full license and insurance to work with her pets in this way and she has a very strict code of conduct to make sure the welfare of the snakes and the safety of the students is the highest priority. She has a full license and insurance to work with her pets in this way and has received the blessing of her teacher to integrate this work with the ancient technology of Kundalini yoga.
Please be sure to confirm your place in advance as the group is kept to a very intimate size due to the delicate nature of the work.
For more info check out Kwali talking about her work on

Purification + Gong relaxation

Tri yoga Camden @ 7.30pm -9.30pm
November 13th 2015
(Investment £25)

November is the month of deep and mysterious Scorpio. A time for negative emotions buried in the subconscious to surface and be healed. This is the month of renewal where that which no longer serves us must be dissolved in the flames of transformation to allow for new life to occur. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes we all have the opportunity for rebirth if we allow ourself to accept our darker side as a beautiful shadow that exists only because of the light.
This workshop will delve deep into the unconscious to pull out the self sabotaging thoughts and feelings lurking in the depths of the mind. So that we may tread very lightly on our path with self love and forgiveness.

Join kwali Kumara for this mystical kundalini yoga and meditation session that will culminate in a triple gong relaxation.

All welcome

Please book online or in person with Tri yoga as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Peace and Tranquility  

Rock ballancing art by  Pashet

Rock ballancing art by Pashet

Tri yoga Camden @7.45pm -9.45
Friday 16th October
(investment £25)

October is the month of the air sign Libra traditionally represented as the scales to symbolise Balance.
Where in your life do the scales tip too heavily ? Are you giving too much of yourself in a certain area that is then leaving you depleted in another? Mixing a busy work schedule, quality family time and still leaving space for personal spiritual development can be an overwhelming task to say the least.
This workshop will offer you some mediative tools to inspire some changes that your soul may be craving for, to bring about the sense of peace and tranquillity that you so deserve . In this workshop we will focus on the breath as 'Pavan Guru' the precious divine element of air, the sacred carrier of life force energy that sustains all creation.

Join Kwali Kumara for Kundalini yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Triple Gong relaxation ! All welcome !

Please book online with Tri yoga as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Mind Body Spirit Festival
Saturday 12th September

Sat nam beautiful yogis !! If you fancy an awesome day out please come and join us on Saturday 12th September 2015 xxxx hope to see you there !! Kundalini yoga, chanting , meditation , gong relaxation and that's just with me!!! The event is bulging at the seams with amazing offerings !!! Here's where to find me ... Birmingham MBS Main stage 'Good fortune and Prosperity ' Clear the path to ensure victory, attract abundance and fulfil your highest destiny. kundalini yoga and mantra ! 1-1.30pm Well being studio 'Radiance and Expansion' Increase your radiance and expand your aura with kundalini yoga ! Embrace your soul and strengthen the light that shines from within. 2-3pm Mantra lounge 'Compassion and Grace ' Sacred Chants to open the heart and dwell in the divine followed by the healing vibrations of a Venus gong bath. 3.40pm-5pm

For more information and tickets please visit

Autumn Equinox celebration at Evolve Wellness Center
Saturday 19th September


Autumn Equinox celebration at Evolve Wellness Center on Saturday 19th September at 2.30pm-5.30pm (£30) with Kwali Kumara and Maren Lander The autumn equinox is a time when night and day are the same length, a time to reflect on the fruits of your labor, to give thanks for your blessings and prepare yourself for the winter months to come. Sometimes referred to by the ancients as the 'second harvest' it's themes are that of equality and balance. Join In with the celebration of all that has been achieved this year, together we will dig deep to become aware of the light and dark within, so that we may find our balance point in order to enter the winter months with confidence and trust that the universe will provide us with both protection and abundance. Just as nature changes outside we her children change on the inside. Join Kwali and Maren for Kundalini yoga, Meditation and Gong relaxation to mark this mystical time and set your intentions for a warm and cozy winter !


'Heal your Heart & Soothe your Soul'

Join Kwali Kumara for this powerful workshop

@Tri yoga Camden Saturday 01 August 2015
10am-5pm investment £75
Please book in advance to avoid disappointment !

'Compassion is the pure, overflowing all permeating, forever giving,
everlasting fragrance of the flower of unconditional love ' 
Kwali Kumara

Master Yogi Bhajan left us with five sutras for the Aquarian age one of which was...

'Understand through compassion or you misunderstand the times'

This powerful spiritual concept will be the essence of this workshop. In order to open our hearts to others and live a life with true compassion we must first open our heart to ourselves. Self love is the root of the Anahata chakra, we must forgive ourselves and fall in love with the divine that dwells in our own heart so that we can truly be in service to others.
Our own cup must be full before it can overflow with the effervescence of unconditional love, compassion, gratitude and grace....

 'If you can't see God in all you can't see God at all'   Yogi Bhajan

..and that includes in you too !!!

Together we will work through a powerful heart opening transformative Kriya to prepare us for deep meditation and chanting.
We will fill ourselves up on the nectar of the Naad (sacred sound current) and pour healing mantras through our body, mind and soul before relaxing in a luxurious gong bath and soaking every cell in the cosmic vibration of the Venus and Earth gongs!

'The only beautiful thing which makes you human is compassion........ Compassion is a value of life; it is power; it is God and meditation; it is truth. Compassion gives you the strength to go through suffering and yet, feel no pain. There is absolutely no grace without compassion. '

Yogi Bhajan

Serpent Healing Ceremony with
Kwali Kumara

Serpent Healing ceremony With Kwali Kumara.
on Sat 18th at 47/49 Tanner Street SE1 3PL 2-6pm including light refreshments.
Investment £40 Please confirm early as places are limited to keep the group intimate.
Please join us in sacred space for our next 'serpent healing' ceremony.
The focus of the workshop will be on the culmination of all the chakras, it will be on balancing The 'Aura'. Together we will strengthen our radiance and the power of our projection by activating our magnetic field with kundalini yoga and a series of meditations designed to correct, protect and perfect our auric field. This will prepare us for the unique opportunity to soak in the darshan of our most treasured and largest member of Serpentine Sangat, 'Kumara' the Beautiful Burmese Python. She is a gentle giant and can't wait to meditate with you all in sacred space. Please join us to honour this mighty Serpent of Wisdom in her annual healing ceremony.
The work we do will be integrated with a double gong bath from Kwali playing 'Venus' and Maren playing 'Kiron' .
There will be a time to share tea, healthy treats and enjoy sacred sangat after the class.
Please be sure to confirm your place in advance as the group is kept to a very intimate size due to the delicate nature of the work.
Please be sure to inform kwali if you have a serpent phobia so she can give you special attention in the workshop to help you release this anxiety in a calm and sacred way.